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etherworlds audio has been producing and recording voiceovers for Computer-Based Training ever since there was such a thing. By now we have it down pat.

You send, email or fax a script, along with specifications for the format you want for the finished audio, and etherworlds will record it and get it back to you, usually within 48 hours.

On projects, we'll work with your writers to assure that the scripts will provide the most effective learning experience for your customers or clients.

Former and current audio clients of etherworlds include: IBM, Toshiba, Whirlpool, SAP, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Softkey, InfoSource, Individual Software and Harcourt Brace Publishing.

For samples, see the sample links below. Creative projects are always most welcome.

A note from etherworlds' narrator and audio producer, Jeremy McCaleb:

I've been doing computer-based audio narration since 1986, following a 15 year career in radio. My radio experience gives me the relaxed delivery and ability to make adjustments on the fly that are the hallmarks of my narration.


As a CBT producer and developer, I have extensive experience editing scripts from outside sources to make them more narration-friendly. Tech writers are good for manuals, but narration generally requires more personality.

My greatest assets in software tutorials are an understanding of computers and software, and a background in mass-appeal radio. The combination allows me to take what can be a daunting subject, and make it far less intimidating.

While my narration portfolio leans heavily toward software tutorials, my years in radio had me doing voiceovers in divergent styles ranging from advertising to fantasy, from clarity to SFX, from corporate to casual.

An international award-winning radio producer, I began exploring computer digital audio as soon as the technology would support it. Since then, I've gained expertise with audio technologies from high-end CD recording to streaming web audio. I have years of experience recording and tweaking sound specifically for web-based audio.

etherworlds Narration Samples:

Excel 2000 Course Audio: This is a course module segment, in a pretty straight-forward delivery style. It's encoded for RealAudio and Microsoft Media Player at base-level ( for 28.8K modems and up).

Excel 16K RealAudio sample
Excel 24K Microsoft Media ASF sample

The same clip at 64K G2, for better sound quality.

Excel 64K G2 RealAudio sample
(for single-channel ISDN or better)
(or FAST 56K Modem connection)

Windows ME Course Audio: This is a short segment with more personality in the delivery. There are several formats, to demonstrate different streaming rates and technologies. (It's not a bad way to compare the technologies.)

ME 16K Real Audio sample
ME 24K Microsoft Media ASF sample
ME 28.8K Real Audio G2 sample
ME 64K RealAudio G2 sample
(for single-channel ISDN or better)
(or FAST 56K Modem connection)

Word 95 Course Audio: This is a small clip at base-level, again humorous, but mainly to allow you to download the MP3 of the audio, which was recorded at CD quality. Some quality is always lost in encoding to MP3, but this sample rate is representative of the original.

Word 16K Real Audio sample
Word 192 Kbps/44Khz MP3 sample (play)
Word 192 Kbps/44Khz MP3 sample (download)

If you'd like a sample of your own material recorded as a spec, fill in the info on the REQUEST PAGE and include demo text of 250 words or less.