We've been doing web design since Mosaic and Netscape 0.9,
   and that's a long time... (longer than we care to admit, actually).
Designs range from traditional page-by-page design to database-driven, on-the-fly dynamic web creations, CGI scripting and secure storefronts with net/database interfaces.
Check out some of etherworlds' web sites:
   • Blues Access Magazine Online
   • Light Stones and Eye of the Day
   • Willow Point Wines    • Speakeasy Café  (site in progress)

Simple web sites can be turned around in less than a week, with your provided text and graphics. Information retrieval forms and database interfaces take a little longer. Storefronts can be quite complex, and require planning and evaluation prior to site coding.

If your web presence seems to lack... well... presence, contact etherworlds to find out what we can do for you. It never hurts to explore your options.

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